2015 Cruze @darkside_cruze

Car Description: 2015 Cruze LT (Work In Progress)


  • K&N Typhoon Series Intake
  • 17" RTX Turbine Wheels
  • Metallic Blue Lugs
  • 5% Tint In Rear
  • 12" 600 Watt RMS Kaption Audio Sub With Matching Amp
  • Custom Trunk Liner In Support Of Friends And Family Members With Autism
  • AVS Visors On Side Windows And Hood
  • Debadged Trunk Lid
  • LED Reverse Bulbs

Social Media/ About:

Name: Jason Baker

About Me: I've been into cars since I was a kid (as everyone else has been lol), now it has become a passion.. I don't have a lot of money to invest into my car but I do what I can when I can.. I enjoy my cruze and have yet to have any issues with it (just rolled 70,000km). Yearly driven, so it gets stripped back a little bit when the salt and our winter hits. I enjoy bass, can't get enough of it, always want more but will deal with what I have for now. Future mods that I would like are a spoiler (haven't decided which one I want yet though), Coil Overs, custom exhaust, custom head and tail lights, and a body kit (yes I know so 2002 but it's my car not yours). I founded a car club with a few friends back in 2008 called Unique-Xpressionz we are based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia and are one of the most diverse car groups around with everything from civics to ninjas to vipers. We take a lot of criticism and heckling because we have stock corollas or kias that roll with us in among some highly modified vehicles and high end cars, at the end of the day we're a family and we're all in it for the love of everything automotive, people just don't understand until you come to one of our meets or cruises and see the attitude and fun we have at all events. I'm an avid gamer, prefer x-box but have dabbled in everything. I collect diecast of all types and sizes 1:64 (hot-wheels size) to 1:18.. Feel free to hit me up on any accounts listed below if you want any more info about me, my car club, or get slapped around in the xbox world lol.. Cheers

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada FB: https://www.facebook.com/UX.JaSe Xbox: UX Deathstroke

Instagram @darkside_cruze

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