2014 Cruze - Jake Rylance

Car Description: 2014 Chevrolet Cruze LT



  • Spyder headlights lights
  • Led switchbacks in front
  • Spyder oem fog light kit
  • Hella yellow fogs lights
  • Blacked out side markers, chrome

Engine & Exhaust

  • K&N short ram intake
  • BNR Race tune
  • Custom exhaust with no resonator and magnaflow muffler


  • Fk coilovers
  • Moog metal sway bar links

Wheel and tire

  • 18x8 fast 1980 wheels
  • Pirelli p-zero Nero tires

Social Media:

Instagram: @jake_rylance Facebook: Jake Rylance Email: Jake.rylance@live.ca

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