Vinyl Wrap Chevy Bowtie/Emblem (Video + Instructions)

Ever wanted to change the color of your car bowtie or emblem to make your car look better? Down below will be instructions, a video to help you and where to purchase a vinyl wrapping kit from. PURCHASE KIT: Video courtesy of Jeff Nurmi


  1. Cleaning: Use some alcohol and a clean cloth and clean your emblem of any debris, bugs, dirt, etc.
  2. Prepping: Get your vinyl sheet ready
  3. Installation: Peel your vinyl off the sheet, place it on the emblem and flatten it out on the emblem. Make sure it covers the entire emblem, and that there are no bubbles anywhere. If there are push them out using a credit card.
  4. Cutting: Using the knife provided slowly cut around the emblem. Be careful not to cut the emblem!

End results: 13076832_10206082859329840_5886548775026801437_n 14520420_10157367588520478_5727120004357166396_n 14561752_879222055541207_9109754625568800768_n 14938157_10207522468168489_346660344095167110_n 6289058603_0a4537406e_b